Provincial agency appointments- report on NDP’s first two years

Originally posted on 23 August 2017

On 4 July Bob Ascah presented preliminary findings of extensive research on over 500 Order-in-Council appointments to provincial agency boards since the NDP formed government in late May 2015. The presentation deck can be found here: Provincial Agency Presentation New appointments by the NDP are contrasted to re-appointments of positions initially filled by the previous government. Continue reading

SAIT gender and pay equity

Originally posted 9 August 2017

In this post we examine gender pay equity at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT).  The government’s sunshine legislation allows for more in-depth analysis by job category and salary. Each reporting entity must disclose the total compensation and other compensation for the calendar years by the following June 30th. Continue reading

Provincial Agency Salaries

Originally Posted 3 August 2017

Corrections made 9 August 2017

Last October published a listing of the top paid senior Executives in Alberta’s provincial Corporation universe. As the tables demonstrated, the pay levels were dominated by individuals working in the financial services and in the energy regulatory setting. Last year, like this year, this group predominates. Since October, the Government of Alberta has made a number of changes to the pay levels of the top officials working in these agencies. Continue reading