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Docket 37627 Orphan Well Association, et al. v. Grant Thornton Limited, et al. (Redwater Resources contd)

Originally posted 13 January 2018

Two arms of the Crown in right of Alberta duke it out:

ATB Financial to maximize its return on its security interest in Redwater Resources


the Alberta Energy Regulator to minimize costs of clean-up to Orphan Well Association and ultimately the Alberta Crown.

AERAt stake: creditor protection under insolvency proceedings or protection of energy/environmental regulators’ right to ensure reclamations carried out.

Sealing orders; more intervenors, and appropriateness for a judge to take part in adjudication.

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Economic Society of Northern Alberta presents Craig Wright

Members and guests of the Economics Society of Northern Alberta (ESNA) will be able to question the economic forecasts and assumptions of one of Canada’s leading bank economists.

Craig WrightAs chief economist, Craig lWright eads a team of economists  providing economic, fixed income and foreign exchange research to RBC clients. Craig is a regular contributor to a number of RBC publications and is a key player in delivering economic analysis to clients and the media through the Economics Department’s regular economic briefings.

A graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Toronto, Craig was appointed Chief Economist in 2001 having joined RBC 1994 after working at another financial institution for seven years. Craig is a participant in a number of the key RBC internal committees and is a member of the CD Howe Monetary Policy Council, Lazaridis School of Business and Economics Wilfrid Laurier University, Dean’s Advisory Council at Wilfrid Laurier University and the British Columbia Economic Forecast Council.

Craig will provide an  Economic Overview of Canada and Alberta.

The event will take place at the Chateau Lacombe Hotel on 18 January beginning at 11:30 a.m.

To register go to: Craig Wright ESNA



Asian Travels- vignettes

Over twenty-three days, my wife and I travelled to Hong Kong, India, Bhutan, and Bangkok. Below are a few observations married with some pictures and videos of life from these very different locales. While saying, as Canadian travellers “we are enormously fortunate,” is trite, our guided tour left us gasping at the appalling poverty, admiring the exquisite craftsmanship, and marvelling at the ubiquity of our fossil fuel culture. Continue reading

ESNA Policy Pints & FMI



AsFor those of my readers who enjoy interesting policy discussions among economists and other assorted professionals along with some beer go to ESNA Policy Pints to register for next Thursday, 9 November’s Policy Pints.

The speaker is Professor Joe Marchand who will be speaking on his research on “Impacts of Alberta’s minimum wage increase”. The event takes place starting at 6 p.m. at the Rocky Mountain Icehouse, 10516 Jasper Avenue.


Also on November 15, 2017 ESNA  presents Craig Schram of Darkhorse Analytics and Carmen Velasquez of the Alberta School of Business.  Go to  ESNA registration to register.

Global crude markets are showing signs of re-balancing with slightly stronger price levels and declining inventories.  Despite this, Canadian markets still face a variety of uncertainties, among them, access to new markets.  What does the future hold for new transportation options? What impact could these transportation options have on Canadian crude prices and flows?  A partnership between Darkhorse Analytics and the Alberta School of Business is endeavouring to answer these questions via the development of a North American crude.

Also visit FMI registration for an event on “Disruptive Writing – How to Survive & Thrive” Change taking place on November 22 at the Sutton Hotel.