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SAIT gender and pay equity

Originally posted 9 August 2017

In this post we examine gender pay equity at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT).  The government’s sunshine legislation allows for more in-depth analysis by job category and salary. Each reporting entity must disclose the total compensation and other compensation for the calendar years by the following June 30th. Continue reading

Flying under the Radar- Opinion and Analysis

Alberta Treasury Branches (ATB Financial) released its financial statements on 24 May corresponding with its Annual Public Meeting in Calgary. Uncharacteristically for the media-savvy provincial agency, it did not receive any major media mentions in spite of higher than anticipated net income ($150 million) compared to the projection released in last April’s provincial budget of $27 million. Still, there were several aspects in the report that bear further scrutiny. Continue reading

Fault(y) (head)Lines :Opinion

In the course of one day last month, three separate news articles appeared in the Edmonton Journal (2) and The Globe and Mail, that had the capacity to mislead or mis-state certain facts about developments in Alberta’s energy sector. The headline “Oil sands firms face stringent emissions caps” was published on 16 June.  Written by Kelly Cryderman and Jeff Lewis, the use of the words “stringent emissions caps” seemed a stretch headline.  Oilsands firms face stringent emissions caps16-6-17 GM

Continue reading