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Office Property in Alberta

Originally posted 18 August 2016

Update of Dream Office REIT

The below news article from Andrew Willis of The Globe and Mail signals the expectation that contrarian investment fund Slate Asset management will purchase a significant portion or all of its Alberta properties. Dream last year wrote down a very significant portion of its 45 properties. As the report records, two very different views on Alberta real estate are destined to converge as Dream exits the market and Slate takes a much longer view. Continue reading

Commercial real estate

Originally posted 20 June 2016

Recent Developments

Dream Office Real Estate Investment Trust has taken a very large write-down of its properties in Alberta. According to a CBC Digital Media report , this REIT is taking a significant write-down of  $748 million or 45 per cent of its Alberta holdings!  This must be disturbing news for not only Alberta landlords but also financial institutions, including banks, pension funds, insurers and ATB Financial. Continue reading