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Hotels and Motels in Rural Alberta

Originally posted 16 August 2016

The podcast  from CBC Radio of a 27 July interview by Portia Clark with Perry  Batke the President of the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association reveals a stark reality for the accommodation services sector in rural Alberta.  In the interview Mr. Batke paints a very sombre picture for hotel operators outside the mountain parks and major cities. The words used by this industry representative include “dire situation,” “in jeopardy,” “life savings,” “unprecedented,””helpless and hopeless feelings,” and “industry in crisis.”  Batke also observed that he has not seen the situation as bad in the 23 years he has spent in the industry, including during the financial crisis.

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Land lease delinquencies

The Alberta Surface Rights Board is reporting an four-fold increase in non-payments to rural landowners whose land (or portion thereof) is leased to oil companies.CBC Calgary reported that  Gerald Hawranik, the Board chair, was predicting 1,600 to 2,000 complaints at the start of 2016 and is now predicting the number will be much higher and a $3 million compensation judged earlier to be sufficient will be exceeded substantially.  Continue reading