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Freedom of expression in the Oil State of Alberta

Originally posted 25 April 2018

  • Pressure applied to Business and Engineering faculties
  • UofA President re-affirms academic freedom and independence

The decision by the Senate of the University of Alberta to award a honourary doctorate of science to Dr. David Suzuki has moved into the hysteria stage. This afternoon on the 8th Floor of the Henry Marshall Tory Building at U of A, home to the Economics Department of the Faculty of Arts, I stumbled across the below notice.

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Pressure reaching boiling point over Kinder Morgan project

riginally posted 10 April 2018

Updated with more cartoons and articles

  • Political agendas- staying in power and getting re-elected
  • Are environmental groups under undue influence of foreign players?
  • Possible Solution – feds exercising its jurisdiction over marine activities?

Canada’s oil and gas industry and financial community and their media allies have ramped up pressure on politicians in Victoria, Ottawa, and Edmonton to reach a deal. Capital hates regulatory uncertainty and Kinder Morgan’s board has finally said “enough is enough.”  The parent company of Kinder Morgan Canada is based in Texas and its Texas roots have been used to bolster opposition to the pipeline. Continue reading

CAPP’s Position- Analysis and Opinion

Originally posted on 12 February 2018

On Wednesday 7 February, Tim McMillan, president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) spoke to the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. The CAPP head spoke optimistically about  growing demand for oil and natural gas, based largely on International Energy Agency forecasts. It was a “terrific outlook” with Canada being perceived as a “supplier of choice.”  But dangers lie ahead, according to the CAPP head.

Globe and Mail cartoon7-2-18 GM

From: The Globe and Mail, Wednesday 7 February 2018

A grainy audio of his talk (with some audience comments) and question and answer is available here.

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