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And then there were none: Pros and Cons of a Sales Tax

 Originally posted 2March 2018

  • Economics Society of Northern Alberta hosts debate on sales tax
  • All MLAs invited -but all missing in action
  • Key obstacle is public’s perception that governments will just waste the money
  • Will a crisis tilt Alberta to new massive cuts or a sales tax?
  • Are Alberta public sector workers overpaid?  Relative to whom?

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Pros and Cons of a Sales Tax: 21 February 2018 – ESNA event

Alberta remains the only province in Canada without a provincial sales tax or a harmonized sales tax. Indeed, the PST is often labelled a “Political Suicide Tax.”  With the oil bust cutting provincial government revenue drastically, the province has been running very large deficits forecast to continue into the next decade. Public discussion of this taboo topic in Alberta politics has been, and continues to be, limited to say the least!  And yet, there are compelling reasons for adopting such a tax.  There are also reasons for rejecting such a tax initiative.  Continue reading