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Forum on Provincial Budget IPE – 18 April 2018

Below are details pertaining to the Institute for Public Economics’s forum on the Alberta government’s budget tabled on 22 March.

The Institute for Public Economics invites you to attend its annual Post-mortem on the provincial budget. On March 22nd Finance Minister Joe Ceci tabled his fourth budget. In Budget 2018 A Recovery built to last, the provincial government expects to spend $56.2 billion will taking in revenue of $47.9 billion. In addition, $4.1 billion of capital investment will be made.  A key part of this year’s budget is the government’s stated intention to eliminate the deficit by fiscal 2023-24.

The post-mortem will take place at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday 18 April in the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies Room CCIS 1-440 on the main University of Alberta Campus.

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Budget 2018 Choice of words

Originally posted 26 March 2018

In a very unscientific reading of the budget the following words or phrases were repeated:

affordable          33
agriculture      50
contained          5
credible              0
credit rating      1
David Dodge      5
diversification   23
efficiency            13  (both energy and waste)
energy             101
federally-imposed carbon price  4
federally-imposed         5
gender               13
innovation         18
investing            14
investors            4
oil sands             25
pipelines             10
predictable         5
protect              30
prudent              5
robust                3
significant progress  3
stable                 20
successful           5
surge                   10
waste                   7

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Budget 2018- Voices under the Dome

Originally posted 23 March 2018

Updated 26 March 2018

After the Finance Minister rises to give the budget address, media outlets and political parties gather around their cameras and party banners to give their reaction to the budget.  Under the Rotunda Dome and around the fountain around the large fountain there is a buzz of excitement as the bows and arrows are drawn in this political blood sport.

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And then there were none: Pros and Cons of a Sales Tax

 Originally posted 2March 2018

  • Economics Society of Northern Alberta hosts debate on sales tax
  • All MLAs invited -but all missing in action
  • Key obstacle is public’s perception that governments will just waste the money
  • Will a crisis tilt Alberta to new massive cuts or a sales tax?
  • Are Alberta public sector workers overpaid?  Relative to whom?

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