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Provincial Agency Salaries

Originally Posted 3 August 2017

Corrections made 9 August 2017

Last October published a listing of the top paid senior Executives in Alberta’s provincial Corporation universe. As the tables demonstrated, the pay levels were dominated by individuals working in the financial services and in the energy regulatory setting. Last year, like this year, this group predominates. Since October, the Government of Alberta has made a number of changes to the pay levels of the top officials working in these agencies. Continue reading

“Much ado about nothing”- ‘Bolton Report’

Originally published 20 March 2017


This is a story about a government announcement in the early days of the Prentice administration that I took very seriously. (As it turns out I shouldn’t have.)  Since the Report arising from the announcement was never released, I undertook to bring it to the light of day through the access to information process. It took ten months.

The tale below summarizes the background to the announcement; the enjoyable and lengthy process to receive a copy of the Report; and summary of the report; and my comments on the contents of the Report and recommendations  An earlier column can be found at The Bolton Committee. Continue reading