Post-mortem on provincial budget

Originally posted 20 March 2017

On Thursday 23 March, the Institute for Public Economics will again host a public forum on the provincial budget. This is the eight year that the Institute has invited guest panelists from business, labour, media, academe, and other groups to debate the fiscal policies of the provincial government.  The event will take place at the University of Alberta, H.M. Tory Building, Room B-87 this Thursday at 4:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.  After the panelists speak, there will be a question and answer period.

For a summary of the event click on the link:  Post-mortem 2017

Mayes Cartoon5-7-17 EJRecent articles: 

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Tuition freeze to continue1-12-17 EJPST off the table because Albertans don’t want it-Ceci1-12-17 EJ

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It won’t be easy, but Alberta can achieve fiscal sustainability3-11-17 EJ

No one should feel sorry for Alberta1-11-17 GM

UofA to cut its budget by four per cent in 2018-1926-10-17 EJ

2091 may be a ways off, but 2023 isn’t17-10-17 EJ

Mayes cartoon11-7-17 EJ

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Majority still opposed to carbon levy, but numbers soften-poll16-10-17 EJ

Notley dismisses bad-news forecast by federal budgetary watchdog14-10-17 EJ

TV, film program lacked oversight-auditor general13-10-17 EJ

Alberta physicians remain nation’s best paid-report28-9-17 EJ

Report referenced in article above can be read by clicking: physicians_in_canada_phys2016_en

UCP candidates sign pledge to scrap carbon tax and balance budget if party forms government15-9-17 EJ

UCP candidates take a page from the Klein theatre textbook16-9-17 EJ

Kenney proposes ‘fiscal restraint’14-9-17 EJ

Jean vows $2.6B in cuts if elected26-7-17 EJ

Sturgeon refinery costs keep mounting25-7-17 EJ

Debt becoming the new normal in Alberta21-7-17 EJ

Alberta upbeat depsite deficit30-6-17 EJ

Balanced budget by 2023- How Exactly30-6-17 EJ

Province to spend more than $1B on affordable housing27-6-17 EJ

Carbon tax won’t reduce competitiveness, but other policies might22-6-17 EJ

Province needs additional revenue streams-Dodge7-6-17 EJ

Wildrose demands minister’s resignation6-6-17 EJ

Gilt trip- Provinces raise billions by scouring world5-6-17 GM

Alberta outspends Ontario in recession30-5-17 EJ

Alberta needs HST to keep cash, jobs here25-5-17 EJ

Alberta school boards approve two-year deal with teachers25-5-17 EJ

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Former Director, Institute for Public Economics, University of Alberta and currently Fellow of the Institute. Former executive with Alberta Treasury Branches. Worked for the Alberta government for 12 years with Federal and Intergovernmental Affairs and Alberta Treasury. Areas of focus: financial institutions legislation and policy, government borrowing, and relations with credit rating agencies. Ph.D in Political Science (Uof A), Masters of Public Administration and BComm. (Carleton University). Author of Politics and Public Debt: The Dominion, the Banks and Alberta's Social Credit. Presently working on study of Alberta provincial agency board appointments.

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