Some positive signs

Economic diversification is manifested in different ways. In the Alberta section of The Globe and Mail this past week-end was an article by Viv Vors which might provide some optimism for Alberta’s economic future.

Local baking business on the rise despite tough economy27-8-16 GM

The story recounts a young woman entrepreneur building a business from an upscale bakery to a cafe, to retailing high end baking provisions  and equipment to a baking school. The business caters to those seeking an expensive treat and does compete with other artisan bakeries in the city. From an economic development perspective, a key goal will be the evolution of such small businesses to exporters of goods and services beyond the borders of Alberta. Ultimately economies trade goods and services and Alberta’s large export surpluses, derived from the sale of oil and natural gas, are going to be a thing of the past. Businesses such as Gravity Pope and Poppy Barley, run also by enterprising young women, built on style, quality, design and more socially responsible business models, may represent a positive economic future for Alberta.


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