Originally posted 13 July 2016

003Originally posted 13 July 2016

2015 and 2016 have brought gloom to the Alberta economy as month by month, job losses mounted, first from the oil patch, and then from other businesses such as restaurants in the downtown core of Calgary and the motels in rural Alberta.

The charts and articles below illustrate the cyclical nature of Alberta’s oil-dependent labour markets. Unemployment Rate_18018_image001

Recent Articles

City cannabis industry could soon emply 2,000, be worth $100 million21-4-18 EJ

Recreational pot production poised to create 200 jobs in Leduc region this year20-4-18 EJ

Provincial grocery chain doubles down on Alberta products9-4-18 EJ

Edmonton’s jobless rate down, Calgary’s climbing7-4-18 EJ

Wood panelling plant’s revival goods news for forestry-Bilous28-3-18 EJ

Reactivation of project fuels hiring in oilsands16-2-18 EJ

Cenovus moves ahead with layoffs following fatality at Christina Lake10-2-18 EJ

216K tech jobs to open up by 2021 amid shortage of skills-study1-2-18 EJ

Driverless trucks to result in 400 oil sands job cuts-Suncor1-2-18 GM

I want to be a climate-change specialist- What will my salary be17-1-18 GM

Seattle, Alberta offer lessons on wage hike15-1-18 GM

Indigenous women get behind the wheel of heavy machinery6-1-18 EJ

Job gains beat expectations6-1-18 EJ

Alberta small business owners chafe at new labour laws26-12-17 GM

Labour shortage hits 34K workers13-12-17 EJ

Alberta languishes as national jobless rate falls to 5.9%2-12-17 EJ

Gibson Energy lays off Canadian staff3-11-17 GM

Rig automation helps Precision Drilling Corp. narrow its losses28-10-17 EJ

TD shutters another call centre- more jobs head to the Maritimes28-10-17 EJ

It should be easier for skilled newcomers to satrat lives here26-10-17 EJ

Labour minister announces streamlined immigrant program21-10-17 EJ

Digital economy, aging workforce confront bosses16-10-17 EJ

What minimum-wage critics don’t want you to know3-10-17 GM

Minimum wage hikes speed economic recovery30-9-17 EJ

UCP blasts minimum wage hike as a job killer30-9-17 EJ

Higher minimum wage alone won’t reduce poverty in Alberta29-9-17 EJ

Minimum wage hike could cost 25,000 jobs-study27-9-17 EJ

Read the full C.D. Commentary by clicking here:Commentary_491 C.D. How Marchand

Province has key role in retraining workers for high-tech future10-8-17 EJ

Students land more jobs in Alberta this summer9-8-17 EJ

Rising revenue spurs rehiring plans27-7-17 EJ

EI use among Albertans falls 11.1-7-17 EJ

Job openings up in first quarter by nine per cent over last year15-7-17 EJ

WCB report urges change in culture of organization7-7-17 EJ

Changes to labour laws require consultation20-6-17 EJ

Alberta NDP proposes overhaul of workplace rules27-5-17 GM

Oilpatch companies finding it tough to lure back workers25-5-17 EJ

Middle-ground on labour- ‘Everyone is equally unhappy’25-5-17 EJ

Who could argue against sick days24-5-17 EJ

Red Deer hoteliers sentenced for mistreating foreign workers13-5-17 EJ

Secret ballots are essential for vote to unionize3-5-17 EJ

Communities crying out for support for lumber exports1-5-17 EJ

Union rally urges changes to labour code1-5-17 EJ

Fort McMurray fires to generate 9,000 jobs, think tank says26-4-17 EJ

telus-looks-at-wage-freeze-in-bid-for-cost-certainty27-9-16-ejAlbertans come first21-4-17 EJ

Albertans will get first dibs on jobs20-4-17 EJ

Infusion of trade workers needed-board19-4-17 EJ

NDP modernizing labour rules17-4-17 EJ

Capital region gained 6,400 jobs in March10-4-17 EJ

Lookout at Points West Living-Protest at Legislature24-3-17 EJ

Enbridge lays off 1,000 staff23-3-17 EJ

Enbridge to cut 1,000 jobs after buying Spectra23-3-17 GM

Why vacancies go unfilled when unemployment is high14-3-17 EJ



























Calgary jobless rate highest in country at 9%9-9-16 CBC

Alberta jobs outlook remains gloomy13-7-16 EJ

Alberta’s coal towns feel economic pinch23-6-16 EJ

Calfrac Well Services may have to shed more jobs25-2-16 EJ

Edmonton EI recipients up sharply from January 2015 25-3-16 EJ

Encana CutsJob hunters facing prolonged dry spell9-7-16 EJ

Jobless rate falls despite Alberta spike11-6-16 GM

Laid-off employees troll petroleum show hoping for nibbles9-6-16 EJ

Latest Job Numbers Reveal Two Solitudes12-3-16 EJ

Latest Job Numbers SimonsMedicine Hat Job losses17-3-16 EJ

Nexen layoffsNexen set to lay off another 350 workers13-7-16 EJ

Nexen takes hit at Long Lake 350 jobs to be cut13-7-16 GM

|Out of Alberta16-7-16 GM

Alberta’s lost generation21-7-16 EJ

Edmonton area jobless rate of 7.7% has echoes of 19906-8-16 EJ

Federal jobless benefits extended15-7-16 EJ

Alberta’s economy is dipping, but its labour force is staying put11-8-16 GM

Hangingstone staying shut until oil cracks $50 barrier9-8-16 EJ

EI claims_13399_image001

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