Originally posted 29 June 2016

Business Lending 1981-2016

The chart below shows the ebb and flow of bank lending in Alberta since the fourth quarter of 1981. The 1980s witnessed a significant decline in business lending due to the decline of oil prices.  Increased lending did not resume until 1995 and even then growth did not take off until 2004.  This rapid spurt of lending finished in 2008 with the financial crisis, then soon resumed with a vengeance until slowing in 2015.


National Bank chief defends position on oil patch13-9-17 GM



Bank sees higher energy loan losses4-5-16 EJ

Bank watch lists latest shadow over oilpatch8-3-16 EJ

Banks report loan loss related to woes in oilpatch27-5-16 EJ

Big banks see positive signs for energy sector27-5-16 GM

Canadian Banks have $107B on line with troubled oilpatch3-7-16 EJ

CWB Profits decline 03-06-16 EJ

Lending taps tighten in oil patch3-5-16 GM

Oil loans fuel new pain for banks4-5-16 GM

Penn West says regulator’s rule change will impede asset sales24-6-16 GM

Challenges for small financiers6-8-16 EJ

FirstEnergy’s takeover a needed shakeup in energy financing6-8-16 GM

GMP’s plan to buy rival bank a step in a new direction,but not universally adored6-8-16 GM

GMP, First Energy trim staff amid merger18-8-16 GM

Oil Rally sparks fewer bad loans1-9-16 EJ


Slumping oil prices take toll on bank2-9-16 EJ


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