Interprovincial Migration


Originally posted 28 June 2016

The table below shows quarterly net interprovincial migration since 1970. Alberta historically has received more migrants than most provinces. The chart shows the fluctuations and illustrates that during the oil price crash in the 1980s, many people left the province. During the last two quarters Alberta has experienced a net outflow.What must concern policy-makers and Alberta-based lenders is that a loss of population or a flattening of population will reduce demand for housing, retail goods, and services. For governments, fewer people mean less taxes, vehicle registrations, and other fees.  It also means the demand for government services may fall bringing into question the need for additional infrastructure, a cornerstone of the province’s fiscal strategy. Even with out-migration, the province’s population may grow with the natural increase in the population (births-deaths).

cansim-0510017-eng-1115971039540642417_6151_image001Edmonton population-899,447 and growing1-9-16 EJ

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