Justin Giovannetti writes about how Alberta has changed since Notley’s government assumed power. The key changes range from a substantial increase in taxes or “levies” as a carbon tax is introduced in January next year to relatively low cost initiatives such as changing labour laws and legislation addressing the pay-day loan industry. Many of these measures have re-balanced the equilibrium between the rights of workers and the power of employers.

After one year, Notley’s Alberta is a different place17-6-16 GM

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Former Director, Institute for Public Economics, University of Alberta and currently Fellow of the Institute. Former executive with Alberta Treasury Branches. Worked for the Alberta government for 12 years with Federal and Intergovernmental Affairs and Alberta Treasury. Areas of focus: financial institutions legislation and policy, government borrowing, and relations with credit rating agencies. Ph.D in Political Science (Uof A), Masters of Public Administration and BComm. (Carleton University). Author of Politics and Public Debt: The Dominion, the Banks and Alberta's Social Credit. Presently working on study of Alberta provincial agency board appointments.

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