Since the last post a great deal has happened in the provincial government’s approach to climate. The recognition that climate change is a serious financial and economic matter, not just “political” was provided by Bank of Canada Deputy Governor Timothy Lane in a speech a couple weeks ago in Montreal.  Lane observed:

climate change itself and actions to address it will have material and pervasive effects on Canada’s economy and financial system. While many of these will play out over many decades, I will argue that they are already starting to become important. So, the Bank needs to consider these effects as we deliver on our mandate to promote the economic and financial well-being of Canadians.

The Deputy Governor placed considerable emphasis on getting the price of carbon right.  Key to supporting Canada’s response to climate change is to find the right incentives to:

  • encouraging the use of existing technologies to reduce carbon emissions,
  • inspiring the development of new technologies, and
  • helping shift consumption and investment toward those goods and services that require less carbon to produce.

In support of these incentives is the importance of greater transparency meaning better disclosure of a companies’ future economic prospects in an era of reduced carbon emissions and production.  This is especially important for oil reserves that might become uneconomic (i.e. Exxon-Mobil’s massive write-off of its Kearl Lake oilsands asset).

Other articles found below point to a recognition among institutional investors, like AIMCo, that renewable energy sources are becoming economic and will challenge carbon-based electricity production. Other articles report the NDP’s plan to “distribute freebies” in the form of energy efficient LED lights and energy efficiency measures. There is also more evidence that Alberta’s Energy Regulator is getting tougher on industry “laggards.”

Recent Stories

Paramount Resources pipeline leaks 290,000 litres of oil and salt water17-4-18 EJ

Ottawa, Alberta in talks to exempt oil sands projects from federal climate review4–4-18 EJ

Percentage of Albertans who believe in global warming below avearge-survey4-3-18 EJ

Alberta pushing for exemptions from proposed federal pipeline-approval laws3-4-18 EJ

Environment assessment rules threaten new energy projects, industry warns3-4-18 GM

Oil and gas firm has licenses suspended for unanswered emergency line3-4-18 EJ

Student’s research could speed up oilsands reclamation27-3-18 EJ

Oilsands alliance plans to slash use of steam to cut GHGs, costs21-3-18 EJ

Alberta announces $54M to help cities get greener15-3-18 EJ

Kenney’s quips outshine ideas on climate change15-3-18 EJ

A call for cities and scientists to join forces on climate change8-3-18 EJ


Alberta farm groups sek to boost recycling of plastic waste3–3-18 GM

Climate pipe dreams24-2-18 EJ

Sierra Club accuses Epcor of green washing24-2-18 EJ

Albertans are breathing easier as coal use continues to tumble22-2-18 EJ

Solar panels would save board $4M a year-report21-2-18 EJ

Edmonton Journal notice solar farm Cameron Heights3-2-18 EJ

Solar farm plan for river valley under fire7-2-18 EJ

Some Alberta ecosystems shrinking faster than Amazon, report says8-2-18 GM

Climate policies could hinder chemical industry26-1-18 EJ

Politicians wary of carbon price hikes, study finds22-1-18 GM

Fracking fluids key to induced quakes near gas wells, study finds19-1-18 GM

Energy Efficiency Alberta says residents saved $300 million6-1-18 EJ

Letters How would UCP tackle climate change6-12-18 EJ

Procedures blamed for oil leak20-12-17 EJ

Provinces have until end of 2018 for carbon pricing16-12-17 GM

Alberta’s power grid to get green boost as auction bidders revealed11-12-17 GM

First Nation criticizes Imperial Oil over spills11-12-17 EJ

Alberta’s GHG plan gets mixed review from industry7-12-17 GM

Carbon tax will reduce emissions for a price7-12-17 EJ

Alberta targets oil executives who dumped cleanup costs on taxpayers7-12-17 EJ

Leaked report warns oilpatch may lose billions6-12-17 EJ

Alberta cushions carbon plan with $1.4-billion in subsidies6-12-17 GM

Alberta pledges $1.4B for industry climate change initiatives6-12-17 EJ

Big emitters will pay $1.2B in carbon tax by 20206-12-17 EJ

Building code plan could raise costs for homebuyers2-11-17 GM

Plan for financing eco-friendly upgrades still on table30-10-17 EJ

Ottawa welcomes Manitoba’s carbon-tax plan, with a warning28-10-17 GM

Regulator approves Suncor tailings pond plan27-10-17 EJ

Group calls for improved climate-related financial data27-10-17 GM

Caisse aims to cut portfolio’s carbon footprint 25% by 202519-10-17 GM

Energy industry may face new costs over methane cuts if there are higher emissions19-10-17 EJ

Flexibility’ urged in methane reduction initiative19-10-17 EJ

Smart methane management key to energy future19-10-17 EJ

Legal Notice Alberta Energy Regulator- Bashaw Oil sour gas wells13-10-17 EJ

Industry groups urge ‘balanced approach’ to climate policy ahead of energy conference11-10-17 GM

EPA to terminate Obama-era climate plan10-10-17 GM

Riverworld10-10-17 GM

The Liberals’ tricky balance between climate and energy9-10-17 GM

Canada must prepare now for the postcarbon economy9-10-17 GM

Carbon fight about to enter new phase7-10-17 EJ

Investor report says oil sands among most CO2 heavy5-10-17 GM

Sherritt fined $1M for toxic coal mine discharge4-10-17 EJ

Mixed reviews for land reclamation efforts30-9-17 EJ

Alberta orphan-well clean up may top $8 billion-study28-9-17 GM

Read the full C.D. Howe commentary by clicking here:Final Final Commentary_ 492 (3)Dachlis Orphan well

Cleanup liabilities to continue swelling with orphaned oilsands site in Alberta18-10-17 EJ

Tailings ponds a critical part of Alberta’s oilsands legacy28-9-17 EJ

NEB orders Kinder Morgan Canada to stop ‘not yet’ approved pipeline work27-9-17 GM

NEB orders Kinder Morgan to stop putting mats in streams27-9-17 EJ

Canada must clarify its national carbon policy25-9-17 GM 

UCP leadership candidates adopt clean-coal myth23-9-17 EJ

It seems the Birds don’t know the NDP won the election21-9-17 EJ

operators testing fibre optics to flag pipeline leaks20-9-17 GM

Double Standard12-9-17 EJ

Connecting the dots on the NDP’s coal policy and hurricane Irma12-9-17 EJ

Coalition pushes province to move on methane rules2-8-17 EJ

Oilsands firms face stringent emissions caps16-6-17 GM

Oilsands developers ditch more acreage with leases29-7-17 EJ

Alberta answering call for action on emissions22-7-17 EJ

First Nations lawsuit argues inaction by governments was the cause of the spill22-7-17 EJ

Husky set to repair pipeline that spilled crude into river22-7-17 EJ

Alberta can gain from methane emmision rules7-7-17 EJ

Regulator lays charges in Nexen pipeline incident7-7-17 EJ

‘Material risks’ of climate change in focus29-6-17 GM

Instead of denial, coal communities need to have a way forward27-6-17 EJ

U.S. group seeks carbon tax, dividend plan21-6-17 GM

Carbon taxes, fees divide oilpatch association21-6-17 EJ

Financing the clean transition is Canada’s G7 opportunity to lead21-6-17 GM

Alberta could impose carbon reductions on oil sands17-6-17 GM

Companies can no longer hide their climate risk13-6-17 GM

Construction innovation is key to clean growth14-6-17 EJ

Oil majors embracing renewable projects-report13-6-17 EJ

NEB plans new rules for pipeline parts13-6-17 GM

Premier pledges to stick with climate change plan2-6-17 EJ

$235M loan issued to help with orphan well cleanup19-5-17 EJ

Alberta pledges $235 million to ‘orphan’ oil wells cleanup19-5-17 GM

Carbon plan on shaky ground with shifting priorities in West19-5-17 EJ

Is Canada’s carbon-pricing policy striking the right balance19-5-17 GM

ATCO accelerates Alberta plans to phase out coal by 202011-5-17 EJ

The battle against climate change- and hypocrisy5-5-17 EJ

CAPP rejects findings in methane-emissions report27-4-17 GM

Is Trudeau a hypocrite25-4-17 GM

Researchers tout new method to measure emissions25-4-17 GM

Natural gas used in oilsands to make crude called wasteful20-4-17 GM

New Suncor report signals shifting climate19-4-17 GM

Carbon tax requires trust in government11-4-17 EJ

Emissions heavy sectors raise concerns about carbon taxes’ effects on growth13-4-17 GM

Energy watchdog looks to cut number of spills1-4-17 EJ

Regulator won’t rubber stamp tailings pond cleanup plans31-3-17 EJ

Canada’s oilsands weigh next moves on climate29-3-17 EJ

Trump’s bid to reverse climate agenda puts pressure on Ottawa29-3-17 GM

Ottawa grants Alberta $30M to clean up wells23-3-17 EJ

Athabasca River contamination isn’t ‘over-stated’23-3-17 EJ

Oil spill near Enbridge site under investigation22-3-17

How carbon pricing will drive us to save18-3-17 GM

Potential profits seen in carbon capture technology14-3-17 EJ

Alberta has a key stake in British Columbia’s political intrique8-3-17 GM




































Bill 20 was the provincial government’s signature bill on climate change. The provincial government last fall was able to stage manage a remarkable accommodation between oil company executives and leaders of the environmental movement. (Ed Whittingham, Executive Director of the Pembina Institute spoke at the NDP convention on 11 June 2016.) Alberta’s economy is heavily carbon intensive and there is considerable fear in the business community and in senior government circles that precipitous declines in greenhouse gas emissions will bring the Alberta economy to its knees causing widespread dislocation and unacceptable levels of unemployment and disinvestment.

A key debate will be federal intentions to establish a minimum carbon tax. Further debate and discussion will surround how effectively the gasoline tax and the tax on heating fuels will lower consumption, and hence, GHG levels.


Mystery is hanging over Alberta’s new carbon tax16-4-16 EJ

How not to institute a carbon price18-6-16 GM

Unilateral carbon tax may violate the constitution, Wall says during speech15-6-16 EJ

NDP’s climate ads to top $5M21-6-16 EJ

New rules put oil deals in doubt23-6-16 GM

RBC backs adoption of carbon price23-6-16 GM

Northern Gateway timeline review suspended by NEB9-7-16 EJ

Province vows to look into pollution levels in in-situ oilsands industry30-8-16 EJ

Federal governnment could join Alberta’s coal phase-out3-9-16 EJ

Premier should rethink support Letters to Editor 30=8-16 EJ

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