DBRS downgrades Alberta’s credit

Originally posted 6 December 2017

On 29 November, DBRS issued a press release  affirming its decision to downgrade the province’s rating to AA from AA (high). In its opinion the downgrade was “necessitated” by “large operating deficits and rapid debt accumulation.” Continue reading

Asian Travels- vignettes

Over twenty-three days, my wife and I travelled to Hong Kong, India, Bhutan, and Bangkok. Below are a few observations married with some pictures and videos of life from these very different locales. While saying, as Canadian travellers “we are enormously fortunate,” is trite, our guided tour left us gasping at the appalling poverty, admiring the exquisite craftsmanship, and marvelling at the ubiquity of our fossil fuel culture. Continue reading

Transitioning to the Clean Energy Economy

Originally posted on 31 October 2017

Several headlines stood out over the past week, which, provide further context to the governing dilemma facing the New Democratic government. The dilemma is running a state that historically could run deficits seemingly indefinitely and not have to raise taxes. The second piece of the dilemma is the economic transition away from fossil fuel consumption. Continue reading